Trail System Updates

South Trail System is still very low on snow. Trail is ridable south of Groat road but thin on snow. Trails were cleared of all fallen trees but recent windstorms have likely downed more on the trail. Also creek crossings have not been filled with snow. Use extreme caution if riding trails until we get […]

Dec 19 update

After some trail scouting on the weekend, we still can't find any snow.  The snow in Virginia Hills has all melted and Dan's skags and hifax took a beating.  Rain and wind took away any snow that was out there.

Dec 16 update

Eagle River Staging Area and trails are open.  Limited snow cover with no new snow for a long time.  Creeks and rivers are still open in many areas.  Not enough snow to groom yet.  Many natural hazards still exist so use caution.  Please buy a trail pass to support where you ride!!  Only 150 sold  […]

Trails Are Open!

Trails Are Officially Open! That's right they are cleared and ready to go and the gates at Eagle River Staging area are open. Thank you to all of the volunteers who spent more than 840 hours getting it done. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication so that we can enjoy these amazing trails. […]

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Thank-you to all of our Volunteers, Sponsors& Donators

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! To all of our Volunteers, Sponsors and Donators for the 2023/2024 season! Thank-you to everyone who supports our club year after year with the purchase of their trail passes AND tickets to our sled raffle as well. We truly appreciate you and cannot wait until next year.

The Biggest Thank You to the Trailblazers Executive & Administration

Thank you so much to the Executives for all your hard work this past season!  The efforts that this crew makes is incredible from attending club, community and industry meetings; to boots on the ground, ensuring the trails are ready for our members and visitors. To building and installing shelters & other infrastructures, fundraising, selling […]

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