Spot A Sponsor – Last Call

We are looking for participants for the Spot A Sponsor Challenge and are putting a call out for all registrations. The last date to enter the challenge is March 30, 2022. Please send the names of the participants and share your pictures by the Sponsor Signs. We will be awarding a prize for the most […]

Trail Report – March 23, 2022

That's a wrap for the Trailblazers this season!   With the warm weather and high winds, the trails will be unrideable.  Both staging areas are closed and this will be the last trail report for the 2021 and 2022 winter season.   HAZARDS:  DO NOT CROSS ANY WATERBODIES.  We are mulching from Friday to Sunday on the […]

Trail Report – March 18, 2022

Trail Report March 18, 2022Trails are in excellent shape. Please use our staging areas to trailer to avoid in town trail deterioration. We have had lots of people riding and the trails are super to ride. We have had above 0c temps in the day and below 0c at night. There are icy patches beginning […]

Congratulations to all the Golden Sledders

Wishing you the best of luck in completing the Iron Sledder Challenge. Golden Triangle Iron Sledder ChallengeCongratulations to our Golden Sledder Winners  The 2022 Golden Triangle Iron Sledder Challenge was introduced this winter, which offered bragging rights in the contest to ride 3 of the Golden Triangle Rallies and 1 additional Alberta Snowmobile Rally in 2022.  […]

Trail Report – March 10, 2022

Trail Report March 10, 2022Trails are in excellent shape.  We had fresh snow this past weekend. Hope you are planning on riding this weekend, the trails are epic and unfortunately our winter season is coming to an end soon, with not many riding days left.  The trails are not in spring conditions yet, but warmer temperatures are […]

Congratulations to all of our Golden Triangle Snowmobile Clubs on Great Rallies this Season

We have a pretty special trail system that connects 3 communities! If you haven't rode the whole 350km Golden Triangle, I bet you have rode parts of it at some point. Congratulations to all the Golden Triangle Clubs for hosting rallies despite the COVID regulations. It wasn't easy organizing the rallies, but we made it […]

2022 Spot A Sponsor Challenge

Don't forget to start visiting all of our sites for the "Spot a Sponsor Challenge".  The challenge is a contest to visit all of our sponsored sites, take a pic and enter to win prizes.  Challenge goes until March 30th.  You can register at

Thank You West Fraser for your Sponsorship of Shiningbank Lookout

Thank You Blue Ridge Lumber - West Fraser What a gem of a destination.  It's always a great ride to the lookout, but also an incredible view once you get there.  Thank You to West Fraser for your sponsorship of the location!  Don't forget to start visiting all of our sites for the "Spot a Sponsor […]

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Thank-you to all of our Volunteers, Sponsors& Donators

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! To all of our Volunteers, Sponsors and Donators for the 2023/2024 season! Thank-you to everyone who supports our club year after year with the purchase of their trail passes AND tickets to our sled raffle as well. We truly appreciate you and cannot wait until next year.

The Biggest Thank You to the Trailblazers Executive & Administration

Thank you so much to the Executives for all your hard work this past season!  The efforts that this crew makes is incredible from attending club, community and industry meetings; to boots on the ground, ensuring the trails are ready for our members and visitors. To building and installing shelters & other infrastructures, fundraising, selling […]

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