Woohoo! The snow is finally hitting Whitecourt. This will definitely help out the trails and the groomer should be able to get going soon.

Dec 27 update

Trails are open but no grooming yet.  Use caution as low snow level has not covered atv ruts and rivers/lakes may not be frozen.  Watch for trail detour leaving town on Summit trail.


It's here. You've reached the new home of the Whitecourt Trailblazers. This is the place to stay up to date on all the latest news with the Trailblazers. Located in the Snowmobile Capital of Alberta, the Trailblazers club is one of the largest in Alberta and one of the most active. There is always something […]

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2022 Spot A Sponsor Challenge

Don't forget to start visiting all of our sites for the "Spot a Sponsor Challenge".  The challenge is a contest to visit all of our sponsored sites, take a pic and enter to win prizes.  Challenge goes until March 30th.  You can register at

Thank You West Fraser for your Sponsorship of Shiningbank Lookout

Thank You Blue Ridge Lumber - West Fraser What a gem of a destination.  It's always a great ride to the lookout, but also an incredible view once you get there.  Thank You to West Fraser for your sponsorship of the location!  Don't forget to start visiting all of our sites for the "Spot a Sponsor […]

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