Thank You Jim and Maureen Halawell

"Jim and Maureen Halawell"
Jim was involved with the Trailblazers Club in the early 80's and 90's. He was President in 1983/84, Director 1984 to 88 and Treasurer 1989/90/91. Unfortunately for the Trailblazers, Jim and Maureen moved away in the early 2000's.

In 1983/84, when Jim was President, they had a busy season. They started in December with the Drag Races, on the river. The Club also held their first ASA Jamboree (2 days) in February, which was themed "Snow Country" and held at the Rodeo Grounds. They had pancake breakfasts each morning. On Saturday, they held a snowmobile parade, a Cross Country Trail Ride with 300 riders and a dinner and dance. On Sunday, there was a Snowmobile Gymkhana Event with 100 riders participating and ended with a wiener roast windup that night. Later in February, a Hill Climb had been planned, but was unfortunately cancelled. In March, they held an ASA Interclub - Zone 1 - 125 mile ride up to Swan Hills.

Jim was involved with many events and activities throughout his time with the Trailblazers - Oval and Drag Racing, Hill Climbing, 2 Jamborees, Snowaramas, Rallies, awards, dances, Christmas Parties, barbeques and year end parties. The Club also volunteered outside the snowmobile season for the Trade Fair and Riverboat Races. In addition, the club held their own Trike Races in the summer. Jim was always helping out with various events.

Jim liked to trail clean and was always up for a ride. He was known to skip across open water on meadows and trails even though it might mean him getting stuck in the middle and then have to beg for help from his fellow riders - Cyril, Alex and Dale. It was a tough time trying to dry up in the middle of the winter with a small fire, but he managed to make it out ok.

Jim had been given many Trailblazer awards: He was given a Special Recognition Award and also an award in the 1991/92 season for the Most Kilometres rode - 4023 km.

Jim liked to race his Rupp sled in the drag races and would often place as a top rider when he raced. As well, he loved to tinker on his sleds. The rest of the family were also involved in the Trailblazers. Maureen volunteered with registration at the rallies and was always willing to be involved with entertainment, annual awards and fun nights. Cheryl represented us as Miss Trailblazer in 1989 at the ASA Jamboree.

Jim and Maureen were a big part of all the good old days, lots of laughs and fellowship. Thank you to the Halawells for their support, hard work and good times!

Cheryl and Maureen Halawell
Joan and Nick Slootweg, Alex Manweiler, Jim and Maureen Halawell
Nick Slootweg, Cyril Lanctot and Jim Halawell

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