Trail Report for Jan 21/15

Trail Report for Jan 21/15
Trail Conditions
All South trails have been groomed within the last two weeks, The groomer is heading out today on the south and will see what he can do before it gets to warm. (we cannot groom when the weather is above 0)

Most of the trails in the North (east of highway 32) have been groomed at least once in the past two weeks. Some of the trails are in need of a groomer but due to the temperature we have not been able to get out again as of yet. But the operator is anxious to get going. Gundy Cabin Trail is now open and has been groomed and is in great shape. Carson Cabin to letter 0 has not been groomed and will be cleaned this weekend hopefully, then we can send a groomer late next week or early the week after

Caution is still advised with the early snow conditions there are still a lot of leaning trees and weak trees along the trail that could fall with more snow.
Please use Extreme Caution when crossing water including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams

Next Club meeting Feb4/15 @7:30pm at the Whitecourt Legion

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Thanks to our Groomer Operators – Richard and Don

We were able to groom this past week and it sure was great to get out sledding. Back in January, we had a 5-day window where the fellows were able to fill the creeks and that allowed us to groom this past week.   Eagle River Staging Area was cleared.  THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!   Make sure […]

Trail Report – February 29, 2024

Welcome to winter!  We received snow over the weekend! 15cm - 6-8" and a few extra inches the last few days.  Varying amounts on the trails between 6-12" in places.  Ride with caution and remember it is lower snow levels than normal. STAGING AREAS:   Both are OPEN.  Eagle River Staging Area - Please keep out […]

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