Trail Report March 7, 2024

We received a bit more snow the past week and we groomed.

South Side: Don groomed up to Tom Hill Tower and included Bessie Creek, Manweiler and Summit Trails from the Airport.  Please note that Goodwin and Groat Creek trails and into Shiningbank Lookout were not groomed. Snow is skinny at the Airport, but rideable - rough in some areas (this section has been groomed a couple of times).   Any of the sections off of the trail are super with up to a foot or more of snow in many areas.  What you will notice is a section will have 6" and then the next 12".  Snow is variable on our trails - which is nothing new.  Groat Creek Staging Area is open. Don says good snow to the west!

The north side was not groomed a second time.  Be cautious coming out of the Eagle River Staging Area as we have reports of wheeled vehicles on the trails and unfortunately they made a mess.

Hazards - early spring conditions.  Be cautious on all water hazards.  Rocks and debris exposed on low snow trails.  Quad ruts may be present in some areas - ride to the conditions.  It's getting warm out starting today.

Be sure to get out this weekend-- it is going to be glorious out there.


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