Trail Report March 8, 2023

We received skiffs of snow this past week.  The trails remain in super shape, enjoy them before the warmer weather comes next week.  

We are planning to groom the south side this week and the north side has been all groomed except the section from #9 to Carson Lake and Carson Cabin to Letter O (which were both groomed a month ago). 

Both staging areas are open.  

Hazards:  Please be cautious at our Highway Crossing #8 from Eagle River to Carson Trail as there was industry brushing completed and the trail is rutted up.  Reminder that our trail ends at the banks of all water bodies.  There is a fair bit of flood water on all water crossings.  Cross at your own risk.     Please be cautious for signage and re-routing on the trails in the north and the south during this winter.  We have Forestry Industry adjacent to many of our trails, therefore a heads up and stay on the trails.  Please do not use the Oldman Road (south - Hwy 32) as it is being used as a log haul road.  
Don't forget to pickup an annual ASA Membership Pass or Day Pass if you are heading out to ride.  They are available at Adrenaline Powersports, RPM Powersports, Whitecourt Service Centre, IGA-Whitecourt and First Choice Truck and Carwash.  $90 - Trail Pass and $25 Day Pass.  Also available online at 

GOLDEN TRIANGLE REPORT:  Trails are all in great shape.  Fox Creek has been all groomed.  Swan Hills re-groomed and in good shape.  From Swan Hills to Letter O (Freeman River) they are grooming there as well this week.  Be cautious as snow is thinner on this section.  All of Whitecourt trails in the north are groomed except the Carson Lake from #9 and the connector from Carson Cabin to Letter O.  It was groomed a month ago.    Announcement and Reminder:  Fox Creek Snowmobile Rally is on Saturday March 11th - please see their website or Facebook Page for more details.   Ride Whitecourt North from March 12th to 19th to enter your name in numerous draws.  Please see The Golden Triangle or the Whitecourt Trailblazers website for more information.

South Side - Pic Courtesy of Marci Cooper March 4, 2023

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