Thank you George Vanberg and the VanderBurgs

"George Vanberg and the VanderBurgs"
George was a member of the Club for over 20 years. George held positions on the Executive and was a part of the Club throughout the 1980s and 1990's. He was a trail boss, Vice President in (84) and then became President in (85, 86, 87). George helped to shape and direct how the Club evolved. George and Pat were a part of many great things with the Club - Rallies, ASA Jamborees, Snowaramas, Drag and Oval Racing, Awards from ASA and BRP. George was a great member, large influence in the Club and worked tirelessly. George was lots of fun to work and play with. George was instrumental in the summer Quad Rallies in the 80's that were hosted by the Trailblazers.

Pat was on the Executive as the Secretary and on other various committees. Karlee, their daughter, was always present with others from Pat's VanderBurg family: Pat's mother and father Kitty and Cor and brothers Ken & Trudy and George and Liz and their families. It was a family sport and they all were all a part of it. The VanderBurgs were a great presence at events, fundraisers, meetings and other volunteer activities. If George VanderBurg wasn't helping out at events, he had a part in our Governments-Locally and Provincially as the MLA in our region and helped the Trailblazers along the way when he could. He helped with a few large Government Funding Grants for our Invasions and trail development.  Ken was on the Executive and a volunteer for many years, with Trudy helping out. They moved away and then came back and Ken became involved as a snowcat operator. He was involved with snowmobiles as a young man and spent a lot of time with Gundy in his shop, learning more about mechanics. Ken still comes to Club meetings and provides input. Ken loves to ride our rally with his buddy Arnie O.  Edith Vanberg was a great historian and helped out wherever she could.  

Back in the day, a newsletter was sent out to the membership at least once a year. The newsletters would recap the year and would also speak to what was coming up. In February 1985, George Vanberg as President, wrote to the membership: "Remember to influence new members, the more members we have, the stronger we are to protect our riding rights. It's good and healthy to meet new people and get involved in group activities and volunteer work". What a fantastic message to send to the membership. It still stands today, we need new members, new ideas and new volunteers. DId you know, we still have very active members who belonged to the Club 40 years ago? In saying this, our volunteers are aging and fewer people are getting involved. The take away here is "PLEASE come forward and help us to keep our Club strong. We need support financially with annual ASA membership purchases, volunteering and donations or sponsorships. We want to host events and keep our trails as best as we can, but we do need YOUR help. Get involved as little as an hour or as much as 100 hours. We have a very strong Executive and core group of volunteers, but we also welcome new volunteers. We love it when we see new people come out to our meetings or people texting us asking when the next event I and if they can help. We love the enthusiasm our new Executive has brought to the group, it revives us and brings excitement back to our Club. If you want to get involved and help, please call, text, message or post. Someone will gladly get back to you.

Thank you to George Vanberg and all the VanderBurgs: Pat VanderBurg-Leicht, Karlee Vanberg (deceased), Edith and Cor VanderBurg (deceased), Ken & Trudy VanderBurg & Family and George VanderBurg & Family for your support, guidance, volunteerism and great family fun!

George accepting an Award
Trailblazer Shenanigans in the 80's - Tony Moser, Cyril Lanctot, Alex Manweiler, Doug Hay, George Vanberg, Gord Quinn, Doug MacDougall
Ken VanderBurg in the Santa Claus Parade with Trailblazers' float
1989 Pat VanderBurg-Leicht
Karlee Vanberg
Edith Vanberg

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