Thank you to our Gundy Cabin Sponsor – Trimline Design (Munday Family)

Thank you for your support of the Gundy Cabin on the north side trail system. We have been working with Trimline Design for many years for our advertising/marketing-graphics, signs and decal needs for the Whitecourt Trailblazers and the Golden Triangle. Trimline Design has been a great supporter and has discounted and donated signs. They have also volunteered many hours at our annual rallies. We know that this location is special to you due to your friendship and history with the Gundy family. We are proud to have you as partners on this sponsorship.

The Gundy Cabin was donated by Westfraser in 2006 with a great deal of volunteer work put into setting up the cabin and it's location amenities. There is an outhouse, woodshed, benches and firepit. In addition, we just added a solar panel and cell phone usb ports for your charging needs.

Thank you to Trimline Design and the Munday families.

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Thanks to our Groomer Operators – Richard and Don

We were able to groom this past week and it sure was great to get out sledding. Back in January, we had a 5-day window where the fellows were able to fill the creeks and that allowed us to groom this past week.   Eagle River Staging Area was cleared.  THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!   Make sure […]

Trail Report – February 29, 2024

Welcome to winter!  We received snow over the weekend! 15cm - 6-8" and a few extra inches the last few days.  Varying amounts on the trails between 6-12" in places.  Ride with caution and remember it is lower snow levels than normal. STAGING AREAS:   Both are OPEN.  Eagle River Staging Area - Please keep out […]

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